What we're looking for
Each entry we accept will be printed in a 1-2 page devotional reading. Looking especially for personal stories or reflections on facts/events/culture/popular media/etc. Humor is highly encouraged (as long as its not forced).
Each entry must also include a scripture from the Gospels as it's anchor text.
Stories must be appropriate for an age 12+ audience.
Contributions should be 500 words or less. Exceptional submissions may range up to 1000 words (but space is extremely limited for longer entries. Editor's reserve the right to trim works to make them fit, so please write concisely.)
Each story should include a couple sentence bio of the author and may point back to the contributor's ministry, website link, etc.
Multiple stories are acceptable,  too! Each must meet the above parameters.
Here is a link to a sample piece to use as a guide: The Island of Misfit Toys .
You can also check out the current volume of the book by clicking here .
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Rights, Payment, and Reprints
This book is the first of its kind! You might say it's a number 1. We are hopeful that the second release ("Gospels in the John,") or, a number 2, might prove a strong enough track record to pay contributors by the time we release a third installment. Although, currently there is no payment offered for this anthology. Published contributors will have the option to purchase copies of the collection at reduced rates. Full rights to use contracted stories in this collection will be given to the editor and publisher for this specific project.
If your work is a reprint, we welcome it, however this must be disclosed as well as the original date and location of publication so this may be cited alongside author's bio.
Format and email address
Please send your work either in the body of an email or as an attachment. Only send attachments as MS Word files (doc or docx). A formal query is not necessary, but please send us your submission with the word count and author name at the top. Please include your short bio as you would like it to appear.
Format should be Times new Roman (preferred) or Courier in 12 pt. Single or double spaced is acceptable. Because of the number of submissions required for a work of size, entries will be sorted into several tiers. If your work is not right for us, we will let you know. Pending that, it may be placed into a "maybe" category, or else into the "definitely yes."
Please note that for space and content concerns, editorial decisions are final. Submissions will be open until noted.
Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Format your subject line as follows:
        submission: authorname--scripture reference  (eg. submission: christopher schmitz-Jn3:16)
Please email submissions to:
                    devointhejohn         (@)    
If Selected
We will do our best to notify all contributing writers in a timely manner via email. Final decisions on all selections will hopefully be made by mid 2018. Before we use your story we will need a release for your story rights.
John in the John is published via eLectio Publishing, a traditional Christian publisher. Gospels in the John will likely follow suit unless serious complications arise.  Publishing is not a fast-moving business and ther are many working parts, so our apologies in advance for seeming delays.
There are currently no contests.